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AI Trading and Marketing is a company based in Singapore, our CCTV brand is known as AI Security Ready. One of the leading suppliers of wireless video surveillance products and solutions, we achieved more than wireless technologies in business development for recent years. For the recent time, we made the remarkable achievement in terms of research and development, bringing new technology to the world and making them used easier. We are proud to say that we partner with leading assembly plant (products of many big brand camera companies like Hikvision) in China to produce quality product of our own and we are proud of making the significant difference on security camera field. We have been certified by many international authorities around the world such as CE, FCC, ROHS, ISO and so on. 

As the only one manufacturing distributes in Singapore, we produce directly from the factory and distribute to our customers mainly in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Vietnam. We provide a full range of cameras and recorders to meet all your requirements in home and business security. We guarantee the high quality and competitive price for all security products and services.

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Now we carry a wide range of cameras to meet all your security needs from wireless to wired to solar panels and even Surveillance System that can be portable to run 30 over hours on a single charge battery. Our mission is to help every single home, big and small business afford a reliable and user-friendly surveillance system for themselves. For customers who are looking to install their CCTV System on their own, we have step-by-step video and instructions available. While customers who need installers to install their system, we can arrange for installation to be done on site.

AI Trading and Marketing is proud to provide after-sale service to our customers around the world on a 24/7 QnAs and as long as you have purchased our products before, you are entitle to have a 5 years free technical QnAs through our communication media. We are heading on the path to extend the market in other regions, seeking more resellers to work with us.

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AI Trading and Marketing also branch out to import 100% Raw Honey from Canada.

Canadian Raw Honey are unpasteurized, untreated, unheated and are un-commercial  

owned which guarantees best natural quality honey. 

The honey are produced in a one-stop facilities from up-keeping of bees to harvesting to bottling

are done in a safe and enclosed environment.  

hives in beautiful open fields and hidden meadows ensuring our bees produce the highest quality honey possible!


As many traditional bee keepers in Canada do not sell their products out of the region, we are here to bring these precious honey products to Asia Region.

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